Passion passed from generation to generation

About Us

Total dedication to vineyards and wine

Quinta São Gião is a family estate located in the municipality of Guimarães. The Almeida Freitas family has been a producer/bottler since 1972 and its connection to the production of vinho verde and to the vineyards care is one of the pillars of our activity. Our wines are produced with our own grapes, in an integrated production system, from 32 hectares of vineyards plus 8 hectares of recently planted new vines.

Focus on producing the best wines

Since the beginning of the project and driven by his enthusiasm and passion for wine production, our founder Comendador Joaquim Almeida Freitas has fostered the Quinta São Gião brand, having over the years invested much of this passion in creating new vineyards ir order to produce high quality nectars in the future.

Innovate keeping authenticity

In the 1990s, his son Pedro Almeida, sharing the same passion as his father, continued the work he created. From that moment on, he bet on new technologies, advised by experienced and qualified technicians, both in the viticulture and winemaking fields, a key factor in the new times and in the new markets that were beginning to emerge.

A legacy that projects into the future

Quinta São Gião underwent a rebranding recently. The connection to art expressed in our labels serves as an inspiration for the production of quality vinhos verdes, with elegance and simplicity being highly praised for the artistic interpretation of the soil, the vineyard and the commitment to excellence. The legacy of the work initiated by Comendador Joaquim Almeida Freitas is assured and we’re creating a unique architectural project in the region with a new winery and visitor center.